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December 4, 2015: Death in the check out line.

True story.

Today I was standing in the check out line at Hobby Lobby, picking up a few Christmas items, when a page rang out that “so-and-so” had a phone call on line one. The cashier in my line had just finished ringing out the woman in front of me and picked up the phone call as I started to unload my items. Her eyes grew large and in a hurried voice she told whoever was on the other line that she would call them right back.

Not good.

I asked if everything was okay and she tried to hold back tears as she told me that her uncle had just passed away. I asked her if his passing was unexpected and she said, not really no. He had surgery, but was thought to be doing well. She said she was going to ask her manager if she could go home. She cashed me out (I tried to switch lines but she refused, probably with the thought of staying busy to keep her mind off of things) and before I left I told her that I hope her day got better.

Hoped her day got better?

I’m a funeral director, surrounded by death constantly and the best I could do is tell her I hope her day got better? Real nice, Lauren.

I know I was caught off guard, I mean, who walks into a store to find themselves in a situation where they’re trying to comfort an employee? But I could have done better.

And I’m thinking, how horrible it is, that in the culture in which we live, we are so taken aback by death. People are dying everyday. Strangers, celebrities, family and friends. Death should not make us uncomfortable. Death is a part of our lives.

This December 4th, I am praying for the cashier at Hobby Lobby, but I’m also praying for everyone else who has lost a loved one during this season. Death is harder during the holidays. I wish that I could have been more of a comfort. I wish that I would have had better words to give her. But most importantly, I wish that she could know that the love we have for others does not die with the person. Guys, we have no idea what is going to happen. Please, go out there and hug someone. Tell them how you feel. Let this holiday season be a reminder to be more kind, more forgiving, but most importantly more loving to all. We may not always have the right words, but we can have the right actions.

December 1, 2015: A little on Christmas. A lot on my parents.

So. It’s already December 1st.

Christmastime is my husband’s favorite time of year. I would be lying if I said it also wasn’t one of mine. Winter can be gentle. As the first snowfall blankets the earth we feel a calmness in our chests. This time of year reminds me to be grateful. To cherish what I have. To love others purely.

The past two years I’ve taken some cards off of a Christmas tree in a local church. On it are items that will be given to a less fortunate family. This year one of my gifts was diapers. I do this to remind myself that although I may not have everything I want, I have everything I need. A warm bed. Food on my table. A husband to love me.

And I want to try to do something else this year. I want to write a little post each day, leading up to Christmas, of things (and people and places) that I have been blessed with. I also hope that I can keep a log of things (and people and places) that I may have possibly blessed along the way.

So this December 1st, I am grateful for my parents. If it were not for the home that they provided me with as a child, I would not know what love is. If it were not for the values that they instilled in me, I would not have the principles that I carry with me to guide my decisions. They’ve shown me the type of wife I aim to be and the type of mother I will hopefully one day become. My parents have taught me many things in my twenty-five years. I’m blessed alone in the fact that I still have them in my life.

As the last month of this year begins, I hope that this little exercise reminds me once again, at how lucky I truly am.