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I love working, but I love vacations, too.

I’ve just returned from a wonderful eight-day vacation to the beach.

I had a mental countdown to said vacation starting a few weeks prior. I don’t think my body and mind realized how badly this break was needed until then. Work had been extremely busy. It was in fact, so ridiculous that I had to keep repeating little reminders to myself, such as, “Lauren, it’s okay, you only have nine more days of work” and so on.

I love working. When I was fourteen and fifteen, I got a summer job in an office where my mom worked, putting in the 8am-4pm hours Monday thru Friday. I filed paperwork, ran to the mailroom and basically did anything else that a young teen couldn’t drastically mess up. I got my first ‘real’ job working at Dunkin Donuts when I was sixteen, waking up way earlier than I wanted to on the weekends. Eventually, (well, after two years of not having a single day to sleep in or rest) I switched directions and ended up working in retail. With both Dunkin and my retail work, I can say I was never bored.

I think it’s so easy for me to be a funeral director for a few reasons. First, I love talking to people and I love helping others. This job allows me to do both. Second, I never know what the day will bring which keeps me interested. I have experienced so many different emotions throughout my career, but boredom has never been one of them. I never wanted an 8am-4pm and I definitely got what I wanted.

That being said, breaks are still needed. I began to mentally check out about a week before my vacation. I couldn’t help it. I had gone too strong for too long and my body couldn’t go on at the same speed. So on day one I did what any funeral director would do. I answered a few calls from work and quickly fixed a few problems (and gave some encouragement) over the phone. Day two, three and four I kept checking my answering service and emails, even though I was not on call. I live with my phone attached to my hand, so it is difficult to stop such a habit, no matter how badly you want to. Eventually, I learned to let go and relax, only to find that my time away was over quicker than I would have liked it to be.

I spend so much of my time worrying about and helping other people, that I sometimes don’t know how to spend time on myself. It is not a crime, to be selfish. It is a necessity in this business if you want to be happy and healthy. You need to know when to take care of yourself and when to turn off the phone. I am constantly finding new ways to relax and unwind, but guys, I have to tell you; listening to the waves roll in and out really does wonders.

Little “Mrs.” Funeral is back.

Wow. It’s really been a long time since I’ve been here. A few things have changed in my life recently that affected my ability to write on a regular basis. If you don’t follow Little Miss Funeral on Facebook, you don’t know that I married my high school sweetheart in June. So between wedding, honeymooning and moving, I’ve been a little busy. But now the wedding is over and I’m back to work.

And I came back to a busy funeral home.

I have to say, since I began working in a funeral home, the longest I’ve been away from the job had been seven days. But with the wedding, I had almost two full weeks off. It was kind of a scary feeling for me, going back to work this time. I had just come off such a high of happiness in my life, and had been away from the grieving for longer than I ever had in the past, that I second guessed my ability to help others. On my first day back, I had to meet with two families back to back (I was wishing for a quiet ‘paperwork’ kind of day). Going into my first arrangement of the day, I had butterflies in my stomach similar to when I first started out. What if I smiled too much because of my own happiness? What if I said the wrong thing? Do I even remember what kind of questions to ask the family? It was so funny, because after all of my reservations, when I sat down with them, it was like a switch went off in me; like I was never away.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that this was another great lesson for me. Funeral directing is not just a job that I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s in my blood. I was able to step right back into my role because this job isn’t like a hat that I can take off. It’s as a part of me as my arm is. It beats in my heart. And it feels really good to be back to doing what I love. It feels really good to be able to help others.