Another first.

It has been brought to my knowledge that today is National Dog Day.

And I was greeted by faces of some of the most lovable looking pups throughout social media. And normally, looking at adorable fur babies would make my heart jump with joy. Except this is the first National Dog Day without my dog. So instead, my heart hurts.

I know about grief. I know how it can be a sneaky fellow that suffocates you when you least expect it. I know that it’s normal to be sad. It’s normal to cry, especially in the first year after a death, because you’re experiencing all of the ‘firsts’. And that’s where I am today. Another first that tugs at my soul and makes the wound feel fresh. Because I loved my boy with all my heart. And being separated from that love hurts.

But as those who have walked the path of grief before me, I know that I’ll get through it. And as I grow and live and lose others, I will continue to walk this journey. And I’m learning, even though my heart aches, that this is a wonderful journey. And I’d lose Bandit all over again, because he was one of the first ones to teach me about love. And that’s what makes life beautiful.