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December 2, 2015: Thank YOU.

Day two and this is already harder than I thought.

When I started this blog back in 2012, I did so with the intention of sharing my life as a funeral director. It became more of a diary I suppose, documenting my good days and bad days. I never wanted to tell myself that I would write something once, twice or three times a week. I wanted to write because I had something to say and because I wanted to share it. So this is very new to me.

Today I want to note how thankful I am for social media. If I didn’t suddenly form a blog one night, I would not have been able to make connections with many funeral directors that I have.

This can be a lonely business. It can be frowned upon to socialize with other funeral directors within the community because they are competitors. And sometimes, you just want to talk to someone who knows what this job does to you.

I’ve had so many people reach out to me because they’ve read something that I’ve wrote. I’ve had people tell me that they’re interested in Mortuary School and they’re looking for advice. I’ve had people who have seen one of my “What Little Miss Funeral Wears” posts and ask me questions on clothes. It’s been awesome. I’m forever grateful for what this blog has done for me.

So this December 2nd, I’m thankful for anyone and everyone who has read a post by me, or has reached out to me. I’m thankful for all of those awesome funeral ladies that I’ve connected with on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It helps when you know you’re part of a team. It helps when you know there are people who you can reach out to. It helps to know there are folks who know exactly what you’re going through.

Thank you, for making me a better funeral director and person.

December 1, 2015: A little on Christmas. A lot on my parents.

So. It’s already December 1st.

Christmastime is my husband’s favorite time of year. I would be lying if I said it also wasn’t one of mine. Winter can be gentle. As the first snowfall blankets the earth we feel a calmness in our chests. This time of year reminds me to be grateful. To cherish what I have. To love others purely.

The past two years I’ve taken some cards off of a Christmas tree in a local church. On it are items that will be given to a less fortunate family. This year one of my gifts was diapers. I do this to remind myself that although I may not have everything I want, I have everything I need. A warm bed. Food on my table. A husband to love me.

And I want to try to do something else this year. I want to write a little post each day, leading up to Christmas, of things (and people and places) that I have been blessed with. I also hope that I can keep a log of things (and people and places) that I may have possibly blessed along the way.

So this December 1st, I am grateful for my parents. If it were not for the home that they provided me with as a child, I would not know what love is. If it were not for the values that they instilled in me, I would not have the principles that I carry with me to guide my decisions. They’ve shown me the type of wife I aim to be and the type of mother I will hopefully one day become. My parents have taught me many things in my twenty-five years. I’m blessed alone in the fact that I still have them in my life.

As the last month of this year begins, I hope that this little exercise reminds me once again, at how lucky I truly am.