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Another year older another blog post.

When I drink, I tell people how I really feel about them.

And apparently, I love everyone.

This past week I celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday. My husband organized a little get-together  at a bar with some of our friends. And after two and a half margaritas, I was feeling great. My night basically consisted of me going up to everyone, hugging them, and telling them how amazing I think they all are.

The next day, I saw a few of the same people and started my “sorry for what I said when I was drunk” speech only to be told by them that there is no need for an apology. Some actually said that the next time they’re having a bad day they want to give me a few drinks so I can tell them how great and beautiful they all are.

All kidding aside, I do try my best everyday to channel my ‘drunk Lauren’ and tell the people in my life how much I really do appreciate them. I can’t stress enough how unbelievably blessed I am to have such supportive family and friends in my life. Every year I get a little older which means life gets a little shorter and I never know when my time might run out.

I grew up in a Catholic household and right now we’re in the middle of Lent. I was taught from a young age to ‘give up’ something while never fully understanding the reasoning behind it. This year I struggled back and forth with what to give up and decided against it. I don’t think the purpose is to deprive ourselves of something that we love, but to instead invite more God into our lives. So instead, I’ve been trying to do good deeds for people. These deeds have consisted of small acts and a few larger ones, but through it all I hope to share love with others.

Sometimes I think of how I’d like to be remembered when I die. I am far from a perfect person, which is one of the reasons I need Jesus even more. And even though there are many times that I fall short, I hope to be remembered for showing love to others. Whether it’s during a funeral, family gathering, or a night out with friends. There is so much negativity in this world. Tell someone you love how you really feel. Give them that hug. You never know when time will be up.

December 9, 2015: Part of the family.

Today I received not so good news about a family member of mine. It’s not like it’s anything that we weren’t expecting. It’s just that we  always thought we had more time.


That’s the thing, isn’t it? We never know when the clock is going to run out.

I hate being a funeral director during moments like this. Moments when my uncle calls me asking for advice. Moments when I have to step out of ‘being part of the family’ and into my role as a funeral director. It’s hard. It’s the holidays. I shouldn’t have to be doing this.

After the news (and after my arrangement and preneed conferences) I went out to eat with my husband, mom, dad, brother and sister-in-law. And I drank a few margaritas. Probably a few more than I should have. (Could you guys tell?) I don’t care, though. Sometimes you need to forget that you’re a funeral director. Sometimes you just need to be part of the family.