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What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she has NOTHING to wear).

I have been a very busy person for the entire month of May.

It all started out with a family vacation that somehow managed to sneak up on me in the beginning of the month. This was something my parents had planned for us months ago, and in the back of my head, it had always seemed so far off. But one day, I blinked, and I had to have a bag packed full of bathing suits and beachy dresses. Somethings that I just don’t have in my wardrobe.

When we came back, I found myself on the road going to Ohio for their Funeral Director Convention. I spent two awesome days there where I spoke on the topic of Compassion Fatigue. By the time my husband and I got home, we found ourselves busy again with his company, The Geekiverse, and Buffalo’s Nickel City Comic Con. If any of you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen me dressed as Snow White for this event.

Needless to say, by the time all of these things were over, my husband and I found ourselves drowning in laundry. Literally. If you were to open my closet right this second, you would find about three black tops, one short skirt and a handful of dresses that I haven’t worn in years, but that I like enough to keep.

And so begins our journey for this “What Little Miss Funeral Wears”.

Yesterday was busy at the funeral home. Even though it’s a holiday weekend, we have visitations going every day and services following. So behold my anxiety as I opened my closet yesterday to find that I have still not completed my buckets and buckets of laundry and had NOTHING to wear. (I’m not being dramatic guys, truly, nothing!)

Being in a rush and upset at myself for not thinking ahead, I grabbed this dress that I bought last year for a wedding. My mama had been encouraging me to get outside of my color comfort zone and in purchasing this navy blue dress I had hoped that we had come to some sort of compromise.

My only dilemma, it seemed to ‘wedding’ for me. (Maybe not, but I associated this dress with a wedding which meant it didn’t seem funeral appropriate to me.) So I grabbed a belt that I had not touched in over a year and cinched the waist. I then threw this old cover up over it, looked in the mirror and didn’t fully hate what I saw.

And in case you’re all just loving my hair this is nineteen year old Lauren’s signature. AKA, “I’m running late so if I throw a whole lot of mouse in my hair maybe I can fool people into thinking I tried.”

I wanted to include two photos today, because I can’t stop laughing at the first one! My face in it is so funny! I had just finished yelling at my husband for taking selfies of himself and thought you all might get a kick out of my death stare. It’s not too mean here because my husband is the cutest around so even when I’m mad at him I can’t stay that way for long!


Dress – BCBG (similar style here)

Belt – Loft (similar style here)

Jacket – Forever 21 (similar style here)

Shoes – Chinese Laundry (similar style here)

My husband Josiah LeRoy took these photos of me in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY.

What Little Miss Funeral Wears; it’s been a while.

A girl emailed me the other day and told me that she had recently been hired at a funeral home. She asked me to post some of my day-to-day outfits, and guys, I’m glad that she did. I’ve always loved clothes and I really enjoyed sharing what I wore in the past on Little Miss Funeral.

I follow so many different fashion bloggers and get inspired daily by what they wear. My closet is a little more Wednesday Addams themed, but I still get happy when I throw an outfit together. Although my color scheme is, well, dark, maybe some of you reading this will get some ideas, too.

Today I had two visitations at the funeral home. This outfit is legit my go to. I’ve had this skirt forever and wear it almost every day. I love that it’s like a skater skirt because I can move around in it and still be very comfortable. I have a black lace shirt on to make this outfit just a little less boring. And since it was warmer out today, I had on my gray cardigan (instead of black) so I didn’t look too morbid. Not kidding, if you were to ever visit me at the funeral home there is a 90% chance I’d be wearing this exact outfit.

Although my mama hates wedges, they are my go to funeral shoes. Since I’m so short, I always wear a heel. Wedges are perfect because my heels don’t sink into the grass at the cemetery. Been there, done that. (It’s no fun.)

If I wear tights they are ALWAYS opaque. I want my tights as black as my soul.

(lol, jk.)

But seriously, I’m very lucky because I do not have a strict dress code at the funeral home. This outfit is comfortable and easy for me to put together so I’m out the door fast.  Two things that I love. I could have jazzed up this outfit a little more by adding a necklace, but I was in a hurry and didn’t think about it. So here you have it, me in all my funeral fashion glory:


Skirt – Loft (similar style here)

Shirt – Loft (similar style here)

Cardigan – Loft (similar style here)

Tights – Rite Aid (buy cheap ones, you will rip them)

Shoes – Chinese Laundry (similar style here)

Seriously, Loft. Can you sponsor me already?

My husband Josiah LeRoy took this photo of me in St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY.

What Little Miss Funeral Wears (on Veteran’s Day).

Well, it’s been a while since I posted one of my outfits. I know this because I’ve had short and blonde(ish) hair for about 3 months now. And with one of the last nice weather days left, I figured why not invite you into my closet once again.

I find that these posts are very difficult for me to write because I don’t really know what to say. My style doesn’t change often, however, bits and pieces differ depending on my mood. I wear clothes that make me feel confident and happy. I find that when I feel good about my outfit my work and attitude are better. So I wore a new dress today that’s been hanging in my closet and one of my favorite old pair of boots. And tights because it’s Buffalo and Fall and that’s what we do.

Also, a BIG thank you to all of our veterans and military. And a BIG happy birthday to one of my favorites, my dad!

This is Harris Hill Cemetery in Clarence, NY.



Dress: Loft          Shoes: Indigo          Tights: JCPenney

What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she’s doing office work.)

Today was a quiet day. No new calls came in and I didn’t have any appointments on my calendar, so I basically sat at my desk all day and caught up on some paperwork and filing. I really don’t wear suits unless I’m working a funeral, so today I dressed a little more ‘business casual’ (in my opinion.) But you see, the thing is, even though I wasn’t expecting to meet with anyone, I still have to be ready to. You never know when the phone will ring and a family will want to meet, or when someone will just walk in off the street.

So I put on one of my only pairs of pants that fit me and a colorful top, and paired it with what I refer to as my ‘lazy girl’ blazer. It honestly feels like I’m wearing a sweatshirt! But it still makes me feel presentable and put-together. I also wore these basic black high heels that for some reason I’ve been loving lately. I swear, I haven’t worn these shoes for about two years and I feel as if all of a sudden I wear them everyday.

(Just a side note; I’m aware I need a haircut. It’s coming soon.)

Anyways, I felt comfortable enough to do my office work, but presentable enough to meet with a family. And honestly, I’m just really proud of myself for wearing mustard yellow.



Blazer: Calvin Klein     Blouse: Forever21     Pants: H&M     Shoes: Michael Kors