What Little Miss Funeral Wears (blue pants addition).

by littlemissfuneral


Two outfit posts in a row?!

I know, but do you know what? I don’t care. When you’re surrounded by death every single day, it’s good to be able to focus on something that brings you joy. Even if it is clothes. This post is actually a little different for me, because in case you didn’t notice, I’m wearing color, but to go even further, I’m wearing PANTS. You see, I saw that Dia&Co had this initiative where you put together an outfit that is outside of your comfort zone. Dia&Co is a clothing brand for woman sizes 14 and up, and even though I do not fall into their sizing, I have become obsessed with their message. Being confident in yourself and your outfits.

I’ve said this before, but when I wear clothes that make me feel good, I truly believe that I can better serve families. So much of my job has to do with dealing with the community, and even if people don’t admit it, I am being judged.

I’ve known that people judge me based on my appearance from the very first time someone walked into the funeral home and asked if my dad was working. I still know this to be true today, when people come up to me and ask to speak with a funeral director. I know that I don’t look the part; that’s why clothes are such a big deal to me. When I feel good about how I look, I can confidently talk with others and be the best funeral director that I can be.

I love being a woman. I think this is why I feel so confident in skirts and dresses. So I wanted to prove to myself that I could feel just as good in a pair of pants. I love color, but hate how I look in it. I have a few beautiful and colorful pieces that I keep in my closet but rarely pull out, and I felt like these blue pants really helped  me shy away from my black/gray/white color scheme. Regardless, I loved how I felt in this outfit and wanted to share that with you all. We should share things that bring us joy, right?

Dia&Co has a hashtag #wearwhatscaresyou, and this outfit definitely falls into that category, but doing things that scare you makes life fun. And as we all know, life is short. (So wear the pants.)


Shirt: Loft (similar style here)

Blazer: Banana Republic (similar style here)

Pants: Express (here)

Shoes: Kelly & Katie (here)


My husband Josiah LeRoy took these photos of me in St. Stanislaus Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY.