When you want to help.

My mom told me once that ever since I was a little girl I had always wanted to please everyone. I don’t think she meant it as a compliment.

When I see people in need I want to help. If someone is hurting, I want to take away their pain. I want everyone to be happy, and when it comes to my family and friends, I would rather put myself in an uncomfortable position than them.

I think that’s one of the things that drew me into funeral service in the first place. I help people when they can’t help themselves and that makes me feel good. That feeling helps me look past a lot of crap that goes on in this world. Helping people gives my life meaning.

I don’t have unlimited money. Far from it, actually. I struggle in my personal life to pay all my bills, put money aside for savings and spend some on enjoyment. I try to have balance, but you know how life is. Recently, I donated some money to Angels for Evelyn, a beautiful little girl who is a family member of my hearse driver. It may not have been much, but sometimes there are others who need it more than me.

For all the problems I have in my life, I have my husband, my dog and we have our health. So I don’t really have any problems.

I guess that this is one of those nights where I’m up way to late thinking about things that I cannot change. But I can donate what little I have and I can offer up prayers to the One who does have the power to change our lives.

So to those who are still reading this, can you all comment your favorite charities below? Or some GoFundMe accounts that are close to your heart? I recently learned about the Lucky Fin Project and would have never heard about that if it weren’t for another good friend of mine. Sometimes, we discredit the differences we make by just raising awareness. And we all can make a difference.