For my allies.

by littlemissfuneral

I think that one of the hardest aspects of being a funeral director is working with people who don’t care as much as you do.

Whether it be a direct contact, like a coworker, or higher up management, when you’re not on the same page, things get difficult. You get discouraged. You feel as if you’re not making a difference, and when you feel defeated, you are defeated. I’ve personally worked with people (who in my opinion) have cared a little too much and people who I feel don’t care enough. It’s a struggle.

I know I’ve said this before, but as a funeral director, you depend on a lot of people in order to do your job. Clergy. Local newspapers. Cemeteries. The list goes on and on. But your biggest help comes from the people who you work with day in and day out. The people we often treat not as we should because we take them for granted.

I try my best to let my guys at the funeral home know how much I appreciate them, because they do more for me than they know. I have a few who are just as passionate about funeral services as I am. It’s amazing. We bounce ideas off of each other and really come up with awesome ways to better serve families. It’s refreshing and it’s something that I personally need. I need people to challenge me. I need people to care just as much as I do. I need people in my life who want to help families. It’s how we make a difference in our community!

So once again, to all my guys, THANK YOU.

I don’t say it enough. We’re a team. Together, we can really make a difference.

You guys make me a better funeral director.