a whole lifetime ago.

by littlemissfuneral

I’m sitting in my bed drinking a Lime-a-Rita, which isn’t even half as satisfying as a real margarita, listening to Kate Nash and going through my old flickr account.

From about the time I was nineteen till twenty-one(ish), I was really into taking pictures. I don’t like to say I was into “photography” because I knew nothing of the craft. Instead, I looked through a lens and clicked away. I did, however, think I was cool enough to put the photos online for the world to judge. Who knows, however, how harshly they were judged because I’m pretty sure I needed an audience first.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m feeling a little low right now. I’m looking at these pictures and to me, they seem so raw and exposed. Looking at these pictures, I feel like I’m nineteen again, in college, feeling totally lost but free at the same time.

This was before I was a funeral director. This was when I was a wannabe funeral director. (mortuary school, you really weren’t that bad.) This was when I was honestly just a normal girl.

This was seven years ago and it feels like another lifetime.

And now I’m suddenly feeling overwhelmed once again at how quickly time goes by and how precious this life truly is.

Here ya go. This was me.