December 1, 2015: A little on Christmas. A lot on my parents.

So. It’s already December 1st.

Christmastime is my husband’s favorite time of year. I would be lying if I said it also wasn’t one of mine. Winter can be gentle. As the first snowfall blankets the earth we feel a calmness in our chests. This time of year reminds me to be grateful. To cherish what I have. To love others purely.

The past two years I’ve taken some cards off of a Christmas tree in a local church. On it are items that will be given to a less fortunate family. This year one of my gifts was diapers. I do this to remind myself that although I may not have everything I want, I have everything I need. A warm bed. Food on my table. A husband to love me.

And I want to try to do something else this year. I want to write a little post each day, leading up to Christmas, of things (and people and places) that I have been blessed with. I also hope that I can keep a log of things (and people and places) that I may have possibly blessed along the way.

So this December 1st, I am grateful for my parents. If it were not for the home that they provided me with as a child, I would not know what love is. If it were not for the values that they instilled in me, I would not have the principles that I carry with me to guide my decisions. They’ve shown me the type of wife I aim to be and the type of mother I will hopefully one day become. My parents have taught me many things in my twenty-five years. I’m blessed alone in the fact that I still have them in my life.

As the last month of this year begins, I hope that this little exercise reminds me once again, at how lucky I truly am.