When I fail as a funeral director.

by littlemissfuneral

There are times when I’m not good at what I do.

I am selfish in these times, not wanting to give all I have to the families I serve. This job is hard and I am human. There are times when I don’t feel well and have little energy. It is difficult to put yourself out there, over and over again, to carry the weight of someone else’s grief. Sometimes, I want to be carried.

But that is not in my job description.

I know when I fail. I can feel it.

This post is to tell you that I am sorry. The families that I let down may never know that I did not give them my all. Or they may have felt the missed connection deep in their soul. Regardless, it breaks my heart.

You all deserve someone you can count on in your times of darkness. I want to be that person. I apologize for the times I fall short.