What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when it’s cold outside).

by littlemissfuneral

What do female funeral directors wear when they have to conduct funerals? What do they wear when they have to conduct funerals and it’s a little (or a lot, let’s be real) cold outside? Growing up outside of Buffalo, I am no stranger to winters. It’s cold here. It snows a lot here. And unfortunately…we’re used to it. I’m actually convinced that my body has adapted to the cold so well in fact, that if it’s not in the negatives (temperature wise) I think it’s a good day. But the fact still remains; a large portion of my job takes place outside.


I have a large collection of coats. I hope to eventually show all of my ‘funeral’ coats to you folks through this blog. But one that I have been loving recently is this Calvin Klein number that I purchased this year. I love coats that hit below your waist. The longer the better because more of your body is covered for warmth!

Say what you will on my choice of shoes, but unless it is blizzard weather or severely icy outside I still try to wear a boot with a heel. (Short girl problems, whatever). These uggs have been with me for a couple of seasons now and they keep my feet very warm while not looking clunky. Also, I’m not wearing them in my photos, but I recommend getting a pair of leather gloves. I’ve had a few different pairs and my leather ones are still the warmest I’ve found.

When it comes down to it, cold is cold! It’s a constant struggle between looking professional and staying warm. I know my fellow funeral directors who live in snowy areas will agree with me, although the winter can be a beautiful time, maybe it would be a little more beautiful if it didn’t last as long as it does!

These photos were taken by my husband Josiah LeRoy in The United German & French Cemetery, Cheektowaga, NY.



Coat: Calvin Klein    Dress: Loft    Boots: UGGS    Tights: JCPenney

(I picked up the scarf a few years ago on a trip to Ireland. Once again, super warm!)