The importance of having your person.

The other day I was late coming home. Normally this wouldn’t have been an issue, except on this particular day I had plans with my family and had to be at my destination by 5:30 sharp. A little difficult to do when you pull out of work a few minutes before.

It’s kind of a running joke with my family, how I respond to invitations. Of course I’ll be at your party! As long as no one dies!

Maybe it’s not always in the best taste, but hey, it is the truth.

But I am blessed. I am blessed with a wonderful family who understands my career and the rules that comes along with it. But mostly, I’m blessed for having a husband as understanding and loving as mine.

This past week we celebrated our nine year anniversary of being together. And this past week I’ve been looking at our relationship under a new microscope. Dating is difficult, no matter what. It can be even more difficult if you tell your partner that you work in a funeral home (or in my case at the ripe age of fifteen…that I wanted to work in a funeral home.) Did my husband at the time believe that I’d actually become a funeral director? Probably not. Did he always support me in everything I did, including going away to school for a year and a half? Absolutely. And as I learn and grow in my field, I find I’m filled with unbelievable gratitude in his unconditional love. In order to help others I must first help myself. And many a times it was my husband who held me up and encouraged me to keep moving forward.

This job is crazy. It’s important to have a home life to keep you sane. It’s important to have your person.

My person doesn’t get angry when I leave the house at 8:00 pm to run to the funeral home. He doesn’t get upset with me when we’re out and I ask if it’s okay if we swing by work real fast. Heck, he’ll even lend a hand to help me move caskets and just laugh when I come home and hug him smelling like the funeral home (his words, not mine).

Yes, this job is crazy alright. Sometimes I’ll miss certain plans. Sometimes I’ll have to cancel certain events. But I’ll always have the love and support of my family. And I’ll always do my best to give that to the families I serve.