What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she works Labor Day).

I’m actually lucky. Because although I did have to meet a family for a prearrangement today, I only worked for about two hours total, so I basically had this holiday off! (Funeral Director win!!)

I own a lot of black clothes. It’s my comfort color. So today, I honestly threw on one of my favorite silk tops with this A-line skirt that I’ve been wearing everywhere. I added a belt that has just a ‘little’ bling and a comfortable pair of flats. Because sometimes, no matter how short you are, you just need to give your feet a rest. And I hope you enjoy the picture of me twirling. Because I had fun twirling.

A friend of mine who works at a local cemetery said that he and one of his co-workers have been trying to guess which cemeteries I take my photos in, so I decided to add that information for you guys. (Also, my husband Josiah LeRoy takes all of the photos.) This is one of my ‘go-to’ cemeteries because, honestly, it’s a minute away from where I live!

This is Harris Hill Cemetery in Clarence, NY.



Top: Liz Claiborne    Skirt: Loft    Belt: Loft    Shoes: Miss Bison