Going crazy.

It’s so funny to me, the saying that goes “feast or famine”. When I first started out in the business, I used to die a little inside every time an older funeral director would say that, because I thought it was such a cliché.

But I said it the other day.

Does that make me an old funeral director?

There are some days I sit and wait for the phone to ring. But  there are some days when I wish it would stop. Like last week, when the funeral home got twelve calls in three days. Which for some firms, is normal. But for my family run funeral home, was like doing a months amount of work in, well, three days.

And maybe next week, I’ll wait for the phone to ring again.

It’s a constant game. It makes me crazy. It keeps it interesting.

But you know what they say, it’s always feast or famine.