What Little Miss Funeral Wears (when she’s doing office work.)

Today was a quiet day. No new calls came in and I didn’t have any appointments on my calendar, so I basically sat at my desk all day and caught up on some paperwork and filing. I really don’t wear suits unless I’m working a funeral, so today I dressed a little more ‘business casual’ (in my opinion.) But you see, the thing is, even though I wasn’t expecting to meet with anyone, I still have to be ready to. You never know when the phone will ring and a family will want to meet, or when someone will just walk in off the street.

So I put on one of my only pairs of pants that fit me and a colorful top, and paired it with what I refer to as my ‘lazy girl’ blazer. It honestly feels like I’m wearing a sweatshirt! But it still makes me feel presentable and put-together. I also wore these basic black high heels that for some reason I’ve been loving lately. I swear, I haven’t worn these shoes for about two years and I feel as if all of a sudden I wear them everyday.

(Just a side note; I’m aware I need a haircut. It’s coming soon.)

Anyways, I felt comfortable enough to do my office work, but presentable enough to meet with a family. And honestly, I’m just really proud of myself for wearing mustard yellow.



Blazer: Calvin Klein     Blouse: Forever21     Pants: H&M     Shoes: Michael Kors