My prayer for the heartbroken mothers.

by littlemissfuneral

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about Mother’s Day. And my amazing mom. And those who don’t have moms. And I thought;

If you lose a spouse you’re a widow.

If you lose your parents you’re an orphan.

If you lose a child you’re…what?


We don’t have a name for it. We don’t know what to call it. The idea of losing a child is so foreign and horrendous that we don’t want to acknowledge the fact that it could happen. That our children can die.

My heart breaks just writing that statement, because I’ve buried those children. I’ve buried the babies that couldn’t survive outside of their mother’s womb. I’ve buried those children whose mother’s looked at me with their aged eyes. The mother’s who need their walker to make it up to their child’s casket to say one final goodbye.


Because it doesn’t matter if your baby is eight or eighty.


I wish I had words that could help those mothers. I wish that I could take their pain away. This Mother’s Day, I pray that mom’s who have lost a child feel nothing but peace. Death cannot take away our memories and it does not diminish our love. And when you feel alone on this holiday, remember you have a beautiful angel watching over you.


You created life. And whether that life brought light that was as fragile of the flicker of a candle or as powerful as the sun, our world was less dark because of that life. Thank you to all of the mothers out there. And to those whose hearts hurt even more today, your babies are not forgotten. May your hearts be filled with the light of your child this Mother’s Day.