Regarding Valentine (and Josiah).

by littlemissfuneral

Here’s something. Today we buried Valentine. On Valentine’s Day.

I always get a kick out of morbidly ironic events. I’ve buried people who have died on their birthdays and anniversaries. I’ve held wakes for veterans who just happen to have their visitation on Veteran’s Day. These kinds of things get me excited. Maybe that makes me a bad person.

But it happened.

Valentine’s Day is weird, anyways. I remember in High School, the world was going to end if a special someone didn’t ask you to be their Valentine. No chocolate or flowers meant that you were a social outcast. Just give up. Life is over.

For the past three years, I’ve worked on February 14th. And for the past three years I’ve thought how lucky I am to have someone I love who loves me in return. I watch so many people say good-bye to their other halves. And on a day that is all about love, well, the pain just seems more deep.

I’m also lucky to have someone who will send me flowers to the funeral home because he knows it makes me smile. (The first time it happened, I went to put the flowers out for a wake. I was seriously taken aback when I read the card and it had my name on it. Good thing I checked…)

So, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Hug the people in your life. Tell them you love them. Today is a good reminder.