A little reminder thanks to Dad.

by littlemissfuneral

If you’re looking for me this Father’s Day, look no further than the funeral home. I’ll be working.

I was kind of bummed out about it at first. I mean, I’m not a father or anything, but my entire family was going to go out for breakfast with my dad. It’s hard for all of us to get together.

So today, my dad asked me if I wanted to go grab dinner with him. I was tired, hungry and broke, but decided to join him anyways. As we strolled into the restaurant I was taken aback by the fact that my dad didn’t order anything to eat. Well, it turns out that he had something a little earlier, which caused my heart to swell with happiness. My dad just wanted to spend some time with me.

As I sat devouring my food my eyes happened to study this man who is so important in my life. His hair is getting thinner, and he has a few more wrinkles by his eyes. In fact, he resembles my grandfather more and more each day, which is a scary thought because my grandfather was always, well, old.

And then I’m hit with this melancholy thought about how much time I really have left with my dad. (He’s not on his deathbed, but he’s no spring chicken.) My job is time-consuming and I’m moving out next year since I’m getting married and let’s face it, we’re all getting older. I think my despondent attitude can be contributed to the fact that we have a rather sad funeral happening at the moment. I mean, my dad is in perfect health, but my thoughts remain nonetheless.

As I sat today with these depressing tones ringing in my ears I was suddenly overcome with great joy. It was as if someone took a hand to my forehead. I have a father. I know many people my age who do not. He is a loving and caring man. He would do anything for me. Maybe we have another 40 years together. Maybe we have 40 minutes. I’ve been obsessing over missing a breakfast with him on the day that I was told to honor him on. But Father’s Day isn’t Sunday. Everyday is Father’s Day. I don’t need a calendar to tell me a date to appreciate someone. Life is too unpredictable for that. So once again I’ve been reminded of the important things. The important things are the little things. Give your dad a hug, a kiss, a minute of your time. And you don’t have to wait until Sunday to do it.