Looking for God.

My best friend was a block away when the bombs went off in Boston.

It’s that whole scenario again. “This can’t happen to me.”  It’s the mentality we have.


There will always be people who cry for peace. There will always be people who shout for war. There will always be people who make an event political. I will always be the person to encourage people to find God.

Because no matter how much evil we see, good will always come out on top. As I sat glued to my TV screen yesterday I was amazed at the scenes of people running into the smoke to help others. My heart grew proud when I heard of the runners going to the nearest hospitals to give blood. Our nation needs more God.

I’m currently reading Aesop’s Fables and the parable “The Old Man and His Sons” stood out to me.

An Old Man had several Sons, who were always falling out with one another. He had often, but to no purpose, exhorted them to live together in harmony. One day he called them round him, and producing a bundle of sticks, bade them try each in turn to break it across. Each put forth all his strength, but the bundle resisted their efforts. Then, cutting the cord which bound the sticks together, he told his Sons to break them separately. This was done with the greatest ease. “See, my Sons,” exclaimed he, “the power of unity! Bound together by brotherly love, you may defy almost every mortal ill; divided, you will fall a prey to your enemies”

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

God is my Old Man. My fellow Americans are my Sons. God is always trying to bring us together. He teaches love. He teaches acceptance. We cannot fight him or each other because we will not last. Once we put our trust and faith in Him we can accomplish anything.

I see God in the actions of all of the medical staff of Boston. I see God in the Boston Police. I see God in the people who opened their homes to others who had nowhere to go.

My best friend is okay today. Praise the Lord. Because I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.



Boston, I’m praying for you.